0212425 - Filter 50 sq ft, Vita Spa

Vita Spa FILTER 50SQFT WITH HANDLE AND OPEN BOTTOM. No longer need to use the old round black filter handle (part# 212598 NO LONGER AVAILABLE).  This filter measures approximately (7.25 inches in height by X 8.5 inches in width). This filter is still available but it is being phased out and replaced by filter part# 212424-TRB. This new filter has a pipe thread on the bottom. No more open hole. It costs $58.95. To use the new type 212425-TRB filter, you would need to remove the existing filter bottom fittings by turning them counter clock wise until they are out. The new filter would screw directly into that opening.

Spas 1998 + ; Allure, Ambiance, Aurora, Bijou, Cabaret (to 2006), Cozee, Elan, Elan2, Escapade, Essence, Joli (to 2002), Majestic, Nuage (to 2006), Rendezvous (to 2006), Romance, Soleil, Versaille, and Vintage.   Price is for 1 filter. *CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE*

0212425 - FILTER 50SQFT HANDLE ON TOP AND OPEN BOTTOM. No longer need to use black removable handle.
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Price $62.95
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