0420440, Circulation Pump 0420440-AHT, 0420440-AST

420440 Circulation Pump 220 Volts. This pump will replace pump 420440-AHT which is used in spas that have a Flow Thru Heater System or Pump # 42044-AST which is used with spas that have a Vertical Heater System. It will not come with a special wet end that has barb fittings to accomodate the customized heat jacket. It will not include a heat jacket or cord. It also costs substantially less then the original pump ($255.95 verses $455.95). Vita Spa discontinued this pump in April 2009. You will be replacing a pump system that had a special wet end and a special heat jacket (this was designed to trap free heat) for this pump. This is the same pump both voltage and amperage wise but does not have the wetend or heat jacket. It will be a perfect fit. Simply reuse your old pump cord. You will no longer have to worry about that barb fittings breaking off or the heat jacket failing and leaking all over your pump and electronics. 30420440,30420440-AST,30420440-AHT

0420440 Circulation Pump 0420440-AHT, 0420440-AST
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