0420469, Vita Spa 4 HP pump 56FR 220V - 420428

Vita Spa Side Discharge, 2 speed, 4 HP, 56 Frame, 220V .

Made for easy replacement in your Vita Spa by DM Industries. Wet end plumbing will align for a quick installation.Includes two flat union gaskets. 1-2 day lead time to ensure that the 1 year warranty from date of purchase is in effect and validated. All complete motors are in stock and ready to ship.

Does Not Include Pump Cord. A new cord can be purchased along with pump. 30420428, 30420469  * CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE *

0420469 - 4 HP 2 speed, SD, 56 Frame 220V previously 420428
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  • Item #: 0420469
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