0451114, 451114, 30451114, Vita Spa Circuit Board LX 400 Series

Vita Spa Spa Side LX-LC 400 Series for Vita Spa by DM Industries. 1993 to 1997 (Hi Bezel). This controller and the circuit board that runs the controller is no longer being Manufactured. If you need to replace either the  LX 400 Spa Side Controller or LX 400 Circuit Board, your options are to repack it with Vita Spa 2013 parts.

See part # Vita Spa LX-LC 400 - Spa Side LX 400 Series Conversion Kit

Below is the cost break down and the cost of the package if purchased altogether:

L200 Board $285.95

200 spa side controller $275.95

Water and Heater sensors $28.95 + $27.95

Transformer adapter $22.95 Total Cost If parts bought individually = $641.75 + shipping

Total Cost if parts bought as package = $550.00   + shipping costs.

This will work perfectly. If you send me your metal spa pack box, I can install all the new equipment in it for you (NO charge) and then
ship it back to you. You will be responsible for the return shipping. If you are handy, you can do it yourself in about 30


451114 - Circuit Board LX 400 Series
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