2013-2015 BWG RS101 Pack Only with Heater

2013-2015 BWG RS101 Pack with Heater:  2013-2015 BWG Pack, 50/60Hz, 120/240V, with GFCI and heater, RS101 with GFCI cord, energy efficient, digital. Does not include Top Side and Over Lay.

Now replaces the Mach 7 Spa Pack with Heater

If you are replacing the Mach-7 Spa Pack and heater please note: The RS101 heater is about 4 inches longer (it is not an exact match) and you will have to modify the plumbing to make it fit.


The correct Top Side and Overlay to order if also needed is Part# 407012 and 047106



2013-2015 BWG RS101 Pack with Heater
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