452101 - Vita Spa 4 Function TDI 110V CSC 1103 - 1203 N/A

Vita Spa Parts 4 Function TDI 110V (CSC 1103/1203) 452101,30452101. Special Order only. Please allow 7-10 business days. Recent price change from that manufacturer.

The most common reason for this multi-switch to fail is because the air switch that connects to it failed. This item is an electrical item and is not returnable. It is possible that if you install the new multi-switch and use the old air switch, you run the risk of damaging the new multi-switch. See related items for air switch for Vita Spa by DM Industries,452101,30452101

452101 -Vita Spa 4 Function TDI 110V (CSC 1103/1203)
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